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Closed for Mud Season!

The Alpine House will be closed for the month of April. They call it ‘Mud Season’ around here, but Wyoming don’t know mud. I grew up in Vermont, and they know mud. Driving the dirt roads, (and they are all dirt roads), becomes a fight for survival, and getting your car out of stuck mud is a  filthy acquired art. Shove things under the tires, anything. Rocks, pieces of scrap wood, books, beer cans, your little sister’s coat, your little sister. If you are unlucky enough to be the pusher rather than the driver, push only from the side, because said objects which have been shoved under tires become lethal projectiles once spit out the back of madly spinning tires. Even from the side, you will become encased in splattered mud, which some people pay good money for at expensive posh spas. So, yes, getting stuck in the mud is good for your skin. And good for your soul, because of the inevitable uncontrollable laughter. I guess I wish Wyoming knew mud. I’d go for a drive.