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Innkeeping for Dummies

My very first blog post. Very exciting.

This blog is about inn keeping. I have been an innkeeper for almost 20 years now, and if you had told me at the start I would be in it for 20 years, I would have run screaming into the woods, only to be driven insane by blackflies.

Yet, I have survived. In fact, I have loved it. It turns out that the hospitality business is in my blood.
I grew up in a cramped apartment over the motel my parents owned. My father decided to get out of the business after standing on our balcony clad only in his underwear, and heaving a flower pot on to a guest’s car as they drove away.

I have fared much better. I have never thrown anything at anyone. Many of our guests have become regulars, and more than a few even friends.

The problem with innkeeping is there is no time to blog. I have now burned the cookies and someone at the front desk is giving me the stink eye because I am ignoring them. I refuse to blog again until I buy a kitchen timer and get some help around here.